Wimbledon Strawberry Cupcakes!

Strawberry Sponge, Vanilla Buttercream Frosting, Freeze Dried Strawberries & Fresh Strawberries.. Perfect Strawberry Cupcakes to celebrate Wimbledon!


Today is the first day of Wimbledon 2016 and I wanted to post a recipe to celebrate. I wasn’t really sure a post on Tennis themed cupcakes would go down so well or not, but I knew Strawberry cupcakes would. A couple of weeks ago when I did a recipe request post on my Facebook, Strawberry cupcakes or strawberry themed bakes came up a lot as its strawberry season and fresh english strawberries around this time are delicious.

I decided that I would try and go for a strawberry flavoured sponge to make it different to my other cupcake recipes such as my Berry & Pistachio Cupcakes which have a strawberry buttercream frosting! Using the Jam in the sponge gives it a slight flavour of Jam, but make its so light and fluffy that its the perfect amount for these cupcakes. Surprisingly, they baked even better than other cupcakes have done in the past, perfect flat tops automatically and they’re just so delicious.


I would have originally done freshly whipped cream on top of the Cupcakes to make them very Wimbledon-y, but then the cakes would obviously have fresh cream on them and would ideally need to be kept in the fridge which is never good for cakes over a few days, which means they’d probably need to be eaten on the day of baking… So if you want fresh cream cupcakes, it still works incredibly well with these cupcakes as I have done it before if you want to eat them on the day they are made, but if you aren’t, or would prefer making an actual frosting then my Vanilla Buttercream is the way to go!

When I made my Eton Mess Traybake I used fresh strawberries in the actual sponge, and they were delicious. I love the combination of strawberry and cake, but in cupcake form I prefer the Jam as it tends to work better for me compared to a large cake. To be honest though, any of my strawberry recipes, or Eton Mess recipes would be ideal to start the Wimbledon celebrations, but after so much demand I knew these would be perfect as well. Enjoy!

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This recipe makes 12 cupcakes!


– 150g Unsalted Butter, Softened
– 150g Caster Sugar
– 3 Medium Free Range Eggs, beaten
– 150g Self Raising Flour
– 150g Strawberry Jam

Vanilla Frosting
– 150g Unsalted Butter, Softened
– 350g Icing Sugar
– 2-4tbsp Double Cream
– 1/2tsp Vanilla Extract

– Freeze Dried Strawberries
– Fresh Strawberries



1) Preheat your oven to 170C/160CFan and Line a 12 Hole Muffin Tray with Large Cupcake Cases/Muffin Cases

2) Cream together the Butter and Caster Sugar with an electric beater till smooth – add in the Beaten Eggs and Flour and beat again for about about 20-30 seconds on a Medium Speed – it really doesn’t take too long, you don’t want to overheat it!.

3) Add in the strawberry jam and briefly beat again so the mixture is smooth and the jam is spread throughout! Spoon into your Cases evenly and Bake in the oven for 18-20 minutes or until cooked through! Leave to cool on a wire rack.

4) Once the cakes are cool, make the frosting – beat the softened Butter until smooth – this can take a couple of minutes. Add in the Icing Sugar 1/3 at a time, making sure the sugar is fully incorporated until moving on! I use my KitchenAid for Frostings as the machine can make it so much lighter and fluffier!

5) Once all of the Sugar is in the Frosting mix, keep on beating the Frosting but add the Vanilla, and then the Cream 1 tbsp at a time till you reach your desired consistency! I usually use about 3 spoonfuls!

6) Decorate your cupcakes how you like, I used a Large Closed Star tip to pipe on my buttercream, and then sprinkled on my freeze dried strawberries, and then added my fresh strawberry on top! – and ENJOY!


Tips and Ideas

I add my Jam into the mix and mix it through so that the cakes turn slightly pink and the sponge then tastes slightly strawberry like – if you don’t want to do this, just make the sponge plain and add the jam in afterwards as like a middle to the sponge!

You can also use flavourings such as from Foodie Flavours to make the sponge strawberry like or even fruit coulis, but I love using Jam as its so readily available!

You can buy these utterly gorgeous Baking Cups from Iced Jems – here!

These Cupcakes will last in an airtight container for 2-3 days!



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  1. I am just wondering how you stop the strawberries from bleeding onto the buttercream? I made some last night and put the strawberries on whole and within half an hour they bled through onto the buttercream. So annoying!! Haha

  2. Just made these but with ordinary pink buttercream with a little strawberry flavouring. The cakes came out lovely and light. A great recipe

  3. Hi Jane- these cakes look lovely! I wanted to ask if it was possible to use this recipe to make a round cake? If so, would an 8″ tin be best? I find sometimes that fresh strawberries out of season sometimes lack a little bit of taste but jam is 100% reliable! It would be great if you could give me your opinion on this! Thank you!

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