Terry’s Chocolate Orange Rocky Road

Chocolate, Orange, Biscuits, Marshamallows, Matchmakers and more.. The Perfect Terry’s Chocolate Orange Rocky Road!


So Christmas is upon us yet again. It honestly does feel like Christmas 2015 was only about 4 months ago, not a year however. I don’t actually mind that its Christmas Season already, as Christmas is the absolute and utter BEST time of year! The Christmas build up starts on November 1st for me, but I will happily watch a Christmas Film all year round. This might explain to those who have questioned my sanity for posting Terry’s Chocolate Orange Recipes year round rather than at Christmas time… its perfectly delicious and edible ALL YEAR ROUND. Anyway, as it is Christmas Time, and Terry’s are Cheaper, and the Dark one is back in stock, I knew a new recipe was needed. And after the success of my other Terry’s Recipes such as my No-Bake Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cheesecake and Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cupcakes, it was obviously going to happen.

However, I tried using my regular Rocky Road recipe, and well like… I think the Orange Oil in the Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a bit of a curse. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter or affect the ingredients (such as in my No-Bake Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cheesecake) but other times it can change it. For example, quite often it is easy for something with Terry’s in to split eeeever so slightly. It’s not guaranteed, and often it can work absolutely fine, but even Buttercream can go a little odd with it. So, when I tried my Rocky Road recipe with the Terry’s, it did in fact split a little. I used a low temperature, and over the Double Boiler, so I know it wasn’t anything to do with that. However, either mixing the Golden Syrup with the Terry’s, or the Butter, made it fail. I could be wrong, but its happened before soooo we’ll stick with that!


I therefore wanted to try something different! I’m not a fan of Rocky Road made with JUST melted Chocolate as I find it far too solid and it hurts my teeth. So I needed something to soften the blow, and I thought of my Terry’s Chocolate Orange Fudge! Using just the Terry’s Chocolate Orange and the Condensed Milk wouldn’t work too well for Fudge, which is why I add Icing Sugar and the tiniest bit of Butter to that to firm it up. But as I wanted my Rocky Road to be that slightest bit softer, using the Terry’s and a smaller amount of Condensed Milk made the perfect chocolatey mixture to surround the Biscuits, Marshmallows and Matchmakers!

I adore this recipe because I adore Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Anything Terry’s, and I am there. Like seriously, this should be obvious. This will be my Tenth Terry’s recipe on my blog I believe, and I shall not be stopping here. So, BE WARNED, if you don’t like Terry’s Chocolate Orange, you probably won’t like me or this recipe. But either way, its the perfect *non*bake for Christmas and year round! Enjoy!


This recipe makes 16-25 pieces of Rocky Road!


– 400g Terry’s Chocolate Orange
– 350g Condensed Milk
– 100g Mini Marshmallows
– 200g Digestives, chopped
– 1x 130g Box Orange Matchmakers, chopped
– 100g White Chocolate
– Orange Food Colouring
– Sprinkles



1) Line a 8/9″ Square tin with Parchment paper and leave to the side.

2) In a Large bowl, add the Terry’s Chocolate Orange (chopped in to smaller pieces would be easier) and melt on a low heat over a Double Boiler or in the Microwave on short bursts until fully melted – stir till smooth! Add in the Condensed Milk and beat again till smooth.

3) Once its combined, add in the Marshmallows, chopped biscuits, and chopped up Matchmakers and fold together. It might be slightly messy, so use a LARGE bowl! Pour into the tin and spread till its even.

4) Refrigerate until set! It will take about 4-5 hours to be set enough!

5) Once set, melt the White Chocolate carefully in a heatproof bowl in the microwave. Add in some Orange Food Colouring (I recommend good quality food colours such as SugarFlair or Wilton, supermarket ones don’t tend to work) and drizzle over the Rocky Road!

6) Sprinkle on some Orange/Christmas Sprinkles and leave to set again in the fridge so the chocolate drizzle hardens!

7) Cut into squares and enjoy! 4×4 will do 16 large squares, 5×5 will do 25 slightly smaller squares, but as its rich its up to you!


Tips and Ideas

I really would recommend using just Milk or Dark Chocolate for this as it melts better than White Chocolate, and the White Chocolate might mix/split when mixing it with the Golden Syrup or Butter! I often use either Cadburys Milk Chocolate or Callebaut Milk Chocolate – I find the flavour works best and its delicious!

You can easily half the recipe for less, but these are so moreish you will want the large piece! Trust me!

This recipe should be kept in the fridge in all honestly, unless you live in a place colder than your fridge. It will last for up to about two weeks, but the biscuits might have gone a wee bit soft by then.



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  1. Hi Jane, I was just wondering if you could use a mixture of dark chocolate and milk chocolate orange or if you should just use one or the other?
    Thank you, can’t wait to make this it looks sooo delicious 🙂

  2. Hiya, just to clarify, you say that you used half the amount of condensed milk in this recipe as you use in the fudge recipe (a full 397g tin), so should I use 200g of condensed milk or 350g condensed milk as in the recipe ingredients list? Sorry if I am being a bit thick! Thank you!

  3. I am 100% with you on the Terry’s front, I’m obsessed. I try to save it ’til Christmas but it never works! As for the melting issue, I’ve found that with other big brand chocolates too! I always seem to have trouble with Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, usually takes 2-3 attempts before it stops splitting, such a pain. Maybe they make some chocolate a certain way to make it harder to melt smoothly? Or maybe we’re just too impatient!
    Anyway, loving the look of the Rocky Road, it’s such an easy and cheap gift too 🙂

    1. Yeah sometimes it’s how they make the chocolate so that it’s got a shine for example so as they’ve tempered it so we can’t melt it easily again ? it’s like cadburys flakes can’t be melted!! But thank you so much!!

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