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I have always wanted to end up having a Bakery Business, as I just adore everything about baking. I am trying to make my blog my life, and make a business out of Baking! I was busy in 2016 trying to grow my website up to be able to attract more people, gain more views, and therefore make this into a business. It can be a struggle to make something like this a business, and some don’t actually understand it, which is why I decided to write this post!

I know this is a little different to you know.. a recipe… but I thought some of you would like it either way. My lovely friend Lauren over at Knead to Dough has started an online course on How to Grow a Cake Business! She kindly gave me access to the course so that I could work my way through it and see what its about because I want my website to turn into a Cake Business eventually as well.

She has created such a lovely online course that I couldn’t cope with how cute it was. It got through all different sorts of modules such as…

  • Putting your Cake Business on the map
  • Setting up your Cake Business Website
  • The Secrets to becoming a Social Media Superstar
  • Planning your Posts to meet your Profit Goals
  • Blogging your way to baking success
  • Building a relationship and reaching more Customers
  • …and even more!

I know it all may sound a bit off putting if you are scared about making your bakes a bit more full time, or even branching out into selling cakes at all, or even just starting a website like mine and being able to make money from it, but in my opinion, starting off with knowing how to even get to that point. This course is designed for a Cake Business really, but I honestly think it works just as well for blogging, and a website in general!

When I started blogging I just wanted to be able to write down recipes and maybe have a few people view them.. now at the end of 2016, my website has been viewed over 2.5 MILLION times this year! This is of course pittance in comparison to big and global bloggers such as Deliciously Ella, and Zoella for example, but they have found success and its amazing. I aspire to be like that, and if you want to be like that too, then I genuinely recommend this course.

As Lauren says.. “For the same investment as a simpler cake order you will learn how to market your cake business using social media and a website cost effectively online to double, triple, or even quadruple your cake sales.”

For reference, as I do have a reasonably large following now, I would never put my name to something that I don’t genuinely believe in. I don’t want to sell you guys something that I don’t believe in myself, as I don’t want to lose any of you as readers, so please don’t think I am just trying to spam you with information!

I never EVER thought that when I started this website/blog I would be getting thousands of hits a day, and actually earning money from it, and I wish I had known certain things sooner to have made it easier. I made my mistakes along the way, but I’ve learnt and I appreciate that now, but I would have preferred to have had a method to help me!

You can find other courses online that are similar, but any that are actually decent may cost a fee. I realise a course like this sounds expensive to some, but you wont get really anywhere without having a few outgoings! I quickly discovered this when I even just started baking because as you all know, ingredients cost money, so does your time, electric, gas, internet and more!

Honestly, if you like my recipes, if you like any recipes, if you like baking, even if you want to start a blog and earn money from it or eventually set up to be able to sell cakes, then using a course for a kickstart is probably more beneficial in the long run!

The course is currently running at £37 or £47 depending on the choice you choose, so it’s not too expensive, and is worth a lot of information to help you out. If you like to look into the course, or see any more information you can look HERE!

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  1. Thank you for the information. It is really helpful. Was feeling a bit discouraged about something similar I’m trying to set up in Kolkata India. But this post has given me solid boost in confidence!

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