1. I’ve recently posted a picture of something I made using one of your recipes, to another baking site that I follow on facebook. I’ve now got people asking for the recipe. Are you happy for me to say where I got the recipe from?

  2. Everything you make looks divine! I recently got into baking and I plan on trying several of your recipes. Thank you for sharing. xx

  3. hi, i have been making fudge for christmas gifts and it never turned out as good as i would have liked. Then I came across your recipes, I made the biscotti fudge, omg it is sooooooo easy , and the best thing I have tasted in ages. I took it to work and it vanished, gonna have to make some more, only fault is I find it really hard not to eat hehe. Ill be making the peppermint fudge soon……..

  4. Hi, your baking is amazing. I noticed you went to ashburton college, what course did you do?
    I need to do something like this, I love baking too much to not do anything about it in my life haha

    1. Heyy! And thank you! I did the Professional Culinary Diploma which is a 20 week course and very intensive – but it covers everything! They do shorter courses there that are about a month long for example, and i think theyve started a 20 week Patisserie Diploma now? I would entirely recommend Ashburton because the area is amazing and the tutors are some of the best people ive met, but its not cheap :p
      Have a look and think πŸ™‚ http://www.ashburtonchefsacademy.co.uk/chefcourses/diploma.php
      If you have any questions about it i am here to help!! Xx

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