Double Chocolate Ice-Cream!

Delicious creamy Chocolate Ice-Cream churned with an Ice-Cream Machine – super easy to make, and much better than Shop Bought!


I have put up several Ice-Cream recipes in my time so far on Jane’s Patisserie – but they’re all No-Churn, such as my latest – No-Churn Salted Caramel Ice-Cream. Now; no-churn recipes are obviously easy to do, and I utterly adore them, don’t get me wrong – but sometimes, using an Ice-Cream machine is easier for me, just simply mix the ingredients together, pour it in, switch it on… and the ice-cream will appear! Seriously though, I LOVE to use an Ice-Cream machine if I want some ice-cream near enough immediately from when I’ve made it, as the machines only really tend to take 30 minutes and its done!

This Ice-Cream is super duper creamy, its chocolatey, and utterly scrumptious. I always want more – so much so that I use it to make my Chocolate Milkshakes! Heaven!! But anyway… I use a mixture of Dark Chocolate & Milk Chocolate to get the balance of chocolateyness perfect – and I use Ready-Made Custard as to me, its easier if you’re in a rush – but don’t worry, I’ll be putting up a ‘completely from scratch’ recipe soon!


I have reviewed a couple of Andrew James products so far on my blog, and there are a couple more to come, including today! I always give my honest opinion when reviewing a product – and I have not been paid for the reviews, so why would I lie?! I review some products off my own back anyway – if they’re particularly good – I will say so!


This recipe fills a 2lb Loaf tin! Enough to serve 4-6! 


  • 75g Milk Chocolate Chopped/Chips
  • 75g Dark Chocolate Chopped/Chips
  • 50g Golden Caster Sugar
  • 300ml Double Cream
  • 500g Ready-Made Custard
  • Extra Chocolate Chips/Chunks to decorate!



1) Make sure your Ice-Cream machine is prepped and ready (i.e. the bowl frozen & clean, and the rest of the Machine prepared and ready – although you can keep the Bowl in the freezer for now.)

2) Add the two types of Chocolate, Golden Caster Sugar, and Cream to a heavy-based pan, and heat on a low heat – Stir continuously, and heat until the chocolate has melted, the sugar has dissolved, and the mixture is smooth. Make sure not to heat too harshly though as you don’t want to burn the Chocolate, and you don’t want the mixture to boil!

3) Once the mixture is finished, transfer to a bowl and refrigerate for 10 minutes so it cools. Once cooled, whisk in the Custard so that the mixture is smooth!

4) Remove your Ice-Cream bowl from the freezer and follow your Ice-Cream machines instructions – Using the Andrew James one, I turned my machine on, and poured the mixture through the hole, and it started turning into ice-cream immediately! Mine took 30 minutes to finish – so keep an eye on it!

5) Once the Ice-Cream is finished, it may still be a little soft, but sometimes I LOVE my Ice-Cream like that. Transfer the Ice-Cream to a freezer proof container, or a Loaf tin – add any additional chocolatey treats to the top, cover and freeze!

6) Remove the Ice-Cream about 10-15 minutes before you’d like it – and then serve how you like! Sometimes I just have some on its own in a cone, or I go all out and make a Sundae! Yum!


Tips and Ideas

Pretty much ALL Ice-Cream, whether is shop bought or homemade will need removing from the freezer before you want it – because I don’t know about you, but Ben & Jerry’s is rock solid when you take it out the freezer!

The Ice-Cream will last for 1 month in the freezer!

You can use all Dark Chocolate, or all Milk Chocolate if you like – but this is my favourite combination!

IMG_1548Here is my Andrew James machine – making my Blackberry & Vanilla Ice-cream, recipe up soon!

Andrew James Ice-Cream Machine Review!

I have used a different machine for a couple of years, so I had something firm and well-used to base this review on and compare too – which was good! 

  • I like the style and design of the product, it looks good, its compact, and it fits in easily in the cupboard – and the Bowl is small enough to fit in the freezer with ease! 
  • The instructions are good, easy to read, and come with a coupe of basic recipes – so its good for beginners! 
  • The litre capacity (1.45litres) is slightly small in my eyes, but that might just be me being greedy!!
  • Its quieter than my other machine once the ice-cream is busy churning, and the Andrew James machine takes the same amount of time as any other machine I have used so all is good! 
  • You can buy the machine in different colours so thats a cute addition to the product – but its all in all a very good machine!



You can find my other Ice-Cream Recipes on my Recipes Page!

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