Slutty Brownies!

*This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more details!* Chocolate Chip Cookie Base, Oreos, and Gooey Chocolate Brownie… All in One = Slutty Brownies! This idea came about a good while ago, and personally I first saw the idea from Rosie Londoner. I remember making something similar once and posting it onto Instagram, and it was my most popular photo at the time reaching above 100 likes (which was like madness at the time) – but I don’t believe I ever posted the recipe. I could be wrong in saying where they came from, but Slutty Brownies have become a bit of an iconic bake. To be fair, they are actually Oreo Brookies, but the name Slutty Brownies is so well known for what the bake is now, that people just … Continue reading Slutty Brownies!