Foodie Christmas Gift Guide 2019

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10 Edible and Delicious Ideas for Christmas that I love… The Foodie Christmas Gift Guide 2019! 

Various Items in this list were gifted, but all views are my own!

Right! So.. this is new for me. And potentially new for you.. so roll with me. Often in the blogging world, media world, and so on, Christmas Gift Guides will be published to give ideas for presents! 

I thought this was something that I should start doing, as I always get asked “what’s your favourite…” and “what should I get my wife” and so on – so I’ve done a Foodie Christmas Gift Guide. This particular one features all things edible – so it’s definitely a delicious one. 

The prices for the various items below vary from £4.50 in price, up to £47.99 – so there is definitely a variety in there. Chocolate, Advent Calendars, Gin, Coffee, A Hamper and more… the possibilities are endless. However, for 2019, I have chosen these 10. 

Next week I will be publishing a Bakers Christmas Gift Guide 2019, so make sure to check that out too! x

Various Items in this list were gifted, but all views are my own! They are also listed in no particular order! 

1 – The Chocolate Smiths

If you haven’t heard of The Chocolate Smiths yet – you should. Steffi is one of the funniest people I have ever seen on Instagram, and Aaron is also great. The Chocolate Smiths is based in Newcastle, and has been around since 2014. They make all the bars of chocolate themselves, and they are all EPIC. Honestly, they are delicious. They often work with other local businesses, including on their Christmas Collection with their Christmas Magic Bizzare Bar for example!

They offer all different sorts of chocolate goodies, including an epic Christmas Range with three delicious bars this year, so make sure to check them out! 

2 – Thunderflower Gin

If you are a Gin lover like me – this is for you. Thunderflower Gin is a small-batch Gin made in a nano-distillery in Teignmouth, Devon – and can you honestly get cuter than that? – I went to Cookery School in Devon, and this company is jointly owned by one of the ladies who used to work there and her husband, and it is just so cute. The gin itself, is of course… AMAZING.

“It’s a London Dry Gin made in a traditional ‘one-shot’ distillation run using vapour-infusion to extract the maximum flavour from our 11 carefully botanicals resulting in a smooth gin with a full-bodied, complex flavour profile that balances sweet, savoury and spice notes for lovers of classic gin.”

Make sure to check them out, because I do love a more one of a kind Gin and this one is epic! 

3 – Butter Bike Co.

From one Devon creation, to another… Butter Bike Co. is a company that was created in 2017, and makes the most wonderful Peanut Butters, and they are genuinely, delicious. Jeni, the creator, originally started creating her own Butters to keep her going on her adventures, but then went on to share and sell with other Nut Butter lovers across the city, and it’s grown into something beautiful!

You can find their nut butters in various shops, and you can also buy it online – the Cinnamon & Raisin is my personal Christmas favourite, but they are all epic. If you love a good Peanut Butter, definitely check them out! At £4.50 each,  they are an amazing price for a small business, and they are worth every penny. 

4 – Whittards Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar

Okay.. this is EPIC. We all know how much I love Hot Chocolate, especially if you have seen my Instagram page every now and again.. but honestly. A Whittard’s Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar?! Oh my actual days! This not-so-little creation of wonders is honestly epic. The price tag of £45 could seem like a shock for an advent calendar, but it HONESTLY is not. Each day you get TWO hot chocolate sachets, because it’s designed to share – in total, you get 48 hot chocolates, and that is damn cheap for the quality of the product. 

If you are aware of Whittards, you will know the quality I speak of, and I am obsessed. They also do Tea Advent Calendars, and various other Christmas bits! You can re-use the calendar next year, as the draws are a perfect size for various little items, and it’s just beautiful. 

5 – Cewe Photoworld Personalised Kinder Advent Calendar

To have a little comparison to the item above, is a completely different type of Advent Calendar. As you can see from the image, my face takes up a large portion of the advent calendar… but that is so cool. Cewe Photoworld offer a personalisation service of advent calendars, with any photo you fancy! 

I was a little like “what photo do I choose” but as you can see, I went for one of my Fiance and Dog, Rolo, from a few years ago as I love this photo. Sometimes when something says ‘personalised’ it can be a bit corny, but to have a KINDER CHOCOLATE ADVENT CALENDAR that has been personalised is amazing. I LOVE Kinder Chocolate, and I know you all do too! As a side note, they do other types too like Ferrero!! 

6 – Blue Goose Coffee

Coffee coffee coffeeeee. This sounds like my fiancé in the morning. He loves his coffee, and we have a Nespresso Machine – we often buy the Nespresso Capsules, but recycling them is one of the most awkward things. This is where Blue Goose Coffee comes in… they sell Nespresso Compatible pods, that are compostable!!! Yes, thats right. They are compostable. Also, the coffee is deeeelightful. They currently offer a few varieties that include a decaf version, and they make a wonderful change! 

7 – GiftPup Gin Hamper

To a different end of Gin – here is a really cute Hamper! GiftPup offer an endless amount of gifts as the name suggests, and a lot of them are edible! The awesome thing about a Hamper, is that it’s more of a present because you don’t have to worry about getting anything else. Everything you need is already there! 

They offer a variety of other edible items such as chocolates, and all sorts of Gin related bits as well – but the Hamper is so cool! It also helps that is another Gin that you don’t see everywhere and anywhere, which makes it that much cooler. If you aren’t a Gin fan, but do like the sound of a Hamper, still check out their website as they have many more! 

8 – Salcombe Dairy Chocolate

This little beauties are delightful. In the more ‘higher end’ of classic flavours – such as Mint Chocolate, Chocolate Orange, Dark Chocolate and so on… Salcombe Dairy makes a delicious change to other brands you find in the supermarket. You can purchase a box of five bars for £20, and they are all delicious. My personal favourite was the Mint Chocolate, and the Chocolate Orange version was insaaaaane. We all know how much I love these flavours, and I would definitely recommend them

9 – Thorntons Chocolate Models

One of the few items available on the highstreet in the list, but one I feel like need a mention. Genuinely throughout my memory I remember having some form of Thorntons Chocolate Model every year, and that love has never stopped. They are cute, they taste great, and I just love a bit of Thorntons. You can never go wrong with Thorntons

10 – Personalised Quality Street Tin

Yes, that’s correct… you read that correctly. A PERSONALISED.. QUALITY STREET TIN. Oh my gosh, yes indeed. Anyway.. these became a thing last year, as it was launched into John Lewis as a thing you could do. Off the top of my head, it was only in London? Or at least, that was the closest place you could go to get one from where I live, so it was too far. This year however, it’s become possible in 17 of their stores, and it’s spread all over! 

To get this tin, which is obviously personalised and filled with the chocolates of your choice, it costs £15 a tin. This in my genuine opinion, is worth every single penny. You get a metal tin, instead of a plastic tub or cardboard box, you can reuse the tin for years to come, and you can choose the chocolates. You can have all of one flavour, two flavours, or all of the classics! Also, the John Lewis exclusive flavour is just INCREDIBLE! 

Make sure to check out the John Lewis website to see what store is your closest!

SO.. there it is. My 10 picks for a foodie Christmas Gift Guide this year! One other thing you can also make is homemade gifts – you can easily make anything on my blog as the gift! I often make fudges, or truffles, or even brownies! The possibilities are endless.

Either way, I am off to enjoy some festive treats.. even though it’s October. BYE! x

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    You’ve just sorted my brother-in-law’s Christmas present – the Quality Street tin – thanks!

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    Appreciate the efforts that you have put into this article. Thanks for sharing interesting gift ideas for Christmas.

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    October 17, 2019 at 9:52 am

    Thank you Jane some lovely ideas, love your blog


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