My Wedding Cake!

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A Blog Post all about My Wedding Cake – Four Layers of delicious Cake, with a Ganache outside and all sorts! 

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So, if you didn’t already know… I got married last year on 1st December 2019. It was the most magical day, and I am SO happy that I finally get to call my other half my husband. Cheesy, I know. 

Either way, I was that crazy bride who decided to make her own wedding cake. Yeah… Literally everyone I spoke to told me not to, but I wanted to! This blog being my job made me feel like everyone would be disappointed if I didn’t – and also, I was the only one who knew ~exactly~ I wanted!


I decided that from the beginning I didn’t want a fondant covered cake. This may be controversial to a lot of people, but I don’t actually like fondant that much. The taste, for me, isn’t the best… but also, I just hate working with it!

When I use fondant, I tend to dust the work surfaces with icing sugar or cornflour, and both seriously dry out my hands. I hate working with gloves on, and I knew I would stress if the fondant got any marks in – so it was out straight away. 

The next best thing would be buttercream or ganache. Because I was scared of assembling the cake at the venue, I decided a Ganache outside was the best. Ganache ‘dries’ very very hard if done correctly. If you use buttercream, you could easily touch it and smush it by accident! 

I always had the idea of a white cake with rose gold/copper touches, and fresh flowers. Therefore, white chocolate ganache was the best bet. The problem is, I didn’t want to have to do everything in the few days before the wedding. Those of you who have got married and organised a wedding will know what I talk about – you don’t want extra stress the few days before the wedding! 

I decided to bake my sponges, fill them, and cover in ganache and then freeze them for a month. This meant all I had to do when they came out was thaw them, and add on the copper paint. So much easier than making it all fresh! 

For the Sponges

I made a four layer cake, with four different flavours. I prefer four layered cakes in general for wedding cakes as they look the best in my opinion! More layers is also good – but I don’t really like three layers or less personally! 

I used a madeira style sponge to make the sponges sturdier to decorate, and I am glad I did. It made my life so much easier, and they definitely don’t dry out if you have a little sugar syrup on them like I did!

The Bottom Layer – Chocolate Orange flavoured! 

It was a 12″ sponge – I used… 1200g Self Raising Flour, 1200g Light Brown Sugar, 1200g Stork, 24 medium eggs, 300g Cocoa Powder, and 4tsps Orange Extract. 

This sounds like an awful lot of mix – and it was! SO MUCH MIXTURE. I split the mixture between two of these cake tins (As I find them best for this sort of cake) and baked them at 140C for 2.45 hours. A total of 165 minutes! 

For the Buttercream I used 750g of Unsalted Butter, 1350g of Icing Sugar and 150g of Cocoa Powder with 2tsps of Orange Extract. 

The Second Layer – Lemon flavoured! 

It was a 10″ sponge – I used… 1000g Self Raising Flour, 800g Caster Sugar, 800g Stork, 16 medium eggs, and 3tsps Lemon Extract

You might say “how is it 400g difference to the 12” but honestly the volume difference between these two size tins are insane! I split the mixture between two of these cake tins and baked them at 140C for 2.20 hours. A total of 140 minutes! 

For the Buttercream I used 750g of Unsalted Butter, 1500g of Icing Sugar and 3tsps Lemon Extract! I used extract rather than actual lemons as quite frankly I couldn’t be bothered to zest that many lemons! 

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The Third Layer – Red Velvet flavoured!

It was a 8″ sponge – I used… 625g Self Raising Flour, 550g Caster Sugar, 550g Stork, 11 medium eggs, 75g Cocoa Powder, 2.5tsps Vanilla Extract and two heaped teaspoons of the Red Extra Food Colouring!

I do have standard 8″ cake tins that I use all the time, but as I was baking for so long – I used these cake tins for this one. I split the mixture between two of these cake tins and baked them at 140C for 1.55 hours. A total of 115 minutes! 

For the Buttercream I used 500g of Unsalted Butter, 1000g of Icing Sugar and 1tsp of Vanilla Extract! I realise that this cake doesn’t sound exactly like a red velvet – but its a cheats red velvet madeira type…ish!

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The Top Layer – Cinnamon flavoured!

It was a 8″ sponge – I used… 375g Self Raising Flour, 300g Light Brown Sugar, 300g Stork, 6 medium eggs, 2tsps Ground Cinnamon, 1tsp Ground Ginger! 

I split the mixture between two of these cake tins and baked them at 140C for 1.20 hours. A total of 80 minutes!

For the Buttercream I used 300g of Unsalted Butter, 600g of Icing Sugar and 1tsp of Vanilla Extract, and 2tsps Ground Cinnamon!

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For the Ganache

In all honesty, I can’t remember quite how much ganache I made. It was SO MUCH that I sorta lost count of all the quantities. I didn’t find it troublesome making several batches, though. 

I used the method of melting the chocolate and cream in the microwave the easiest. With white chocolate ganache its a 3:1 ratio of Chocolate to Cream. I melted it till smooth, and waited for it too cool for about 20 minutes, and then whacked it in the fridge for another 20. 

Then, I used my hand whisk to whisk the ganache up to a lovely whipped texture! Sometimes depending on quantity the ganache can take longer to whip, or it has to sit for longer, but in general.. it will get there!

In the whipping, it gets whiter in colour. It’s a quick and easy method of getting a lighter coloured white chocolate ganache that’s much less yellow. 

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For the Decoration

I used ganache discs, and oh my it was heavenly! 

It’s a method that I would recommend watching on YouTube if you haven’t done it before yourself – it’s faffy for some of it, but in the end you get lovely straight sides. It’s so good!

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For the Freezing…

I put each cake on a thin cake board, the same size as the sponges. I then attached them with a smudge of ganache to a cake board that was 2″ bigger in width than the cake. I then boxed them up in boxes 2″ bigger than the cake, and wrapped the boxes in several layers of cling film!

I luckily have a chest freezer in my garage, so I had plenty of space. Trying to fit a 14″ box in a regular freeze is a near impossible task.. so don’t try this if you don’t have space! 

Thawing took a long time for the larger cakes… obviously. I took them the 12 and 10″ on Wednesday evening, to decorate with copper on the Friday morning. The 8″ and 6″ came out of the freeze on the Thursday morning. I defrosted them all in the fridge rather than at room temp so that the ganache didn’t crack or get soggy with the sudden temperature difference!

There were in there for about a month – so not masses of time, but still pretty lengthy. It made my life a lot easier than having to bake the sponges fresh as I mentioned previously… but you HAVE to get the freezing right. 

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As you can see from the pictures, it worked out well! There were slight imperfections on the edges of some as I was clumsy and knocked them. Ganache can be delicate so be careful! 

I used this beautiful pearlescent peach paint to paint and flick onto the sponges. I used two bottles for the whole of the cake as I did a couple of layers on the painted ones. I was originally going to do a drip layer, but I was so stressed I couldn’t calm my hand down enough to paint a drip! 

The fresh flowers I think finished it. I wish there had been a few more on the cake in hindsight – and I did have a beautiful cake topper ready that was accidentally broken on the day – but in general?! I am so glad I did it myself. 

Including this cake, I have made five wedding cakes. It’s really not that many. This is the second wedding cake I’ve stacked – and that was terrifying! I used these stacking tools for the cake, as I found it easiest!

In total, the cakes were all 6″ in height, so it was 24″ cake in total at the end. It was MASSIVE and very heavy! Luckily, the table it was going on was very secure. The bottom cake board was 14″ in total – and I used a burgundy ribbon to tie in all the colours! 

I don’t think I have missed anything off this post about the cake… but if you have any questions, let me know! 

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  1. Such a beautiful wedding cake!!
    I’ve never made a 10inch cake before but I want to give it ago. I want to make it chocolate but add real chocolate how much would you add to adapt your recipe from lemon to chocolate.
    Thank you.

  2. Hello! Loved your blog post about wedding cake baking it has a lot of useful tips! Im making a semi naked wedding cake for my friend next month! Excitingly I am using 3 of your recipes as we live the flavours. Is there any way you could guide me on scaling up the recipes as the 12’ bottom tier is coming from the raspberry and white chocolate loaf cake and need it to be 4 layers & round, the 10’ is gingerbread recipe and the 8’ is lemon & elderflower! Any help appreciated want it to be perfect 😍

  3. This is so inspiring as I’m looking to bake my own wedding cake next year. When did you set the cake up in the venue – did you do it on your wedding day, or set-up on Friday and leave the cake overnight? This is the dilemma I’m trying to work out at the moment – thanks 🙂

  4. Congratulations, the cake looks amazing, I have done a couple wedding cakes myself and it is the most stressful thing ever because you want it to be perfect for them, hence many sleepless nights of worrying if you will be able to do it and if they will like it lol. Cake looks amazing but then so do all your cakes and they all taste amazing to, move over merry berry we have a new baking legend in town.

  5. Congratulations!! Wish I could have you making my wedding cake! I am a new baker and I was just wondering if you could put up more recipes for 6inch cake tins. For example your cinnamon top layer could I omit the cinnamon and add cocoa powder to make it a chocolate cake? And how could I make it into a vanilla sponge? I find it difficult locating cake recipes for 6inch cake tins. Thank you 😊

  6. Congratulations! It looks amazing!
    I’m attempting to do something similar this year for my wedding! Did you assemble the cake the day before? And leave in the fridge over night?

    1. So when I thawed them, they went into the fridge, and then eventually room temperature over night as it was moved to a different house. I stacked the bottom two at my house, then the top two at the venue – but had already doweled them all!

  7. Hi Jane
    Congratulations to you both. You both look so happy together and your cake looks amazing. I wish you all the best for the future x

  8. Hi Jane
    Congratulations to you both, both you and your cake look absolutely stunning. Wishing you both every happiness for the future. It is very kind and thoughtful of you to share the details of your cake. X

  9. Firstly congratulations you both look lovely and the cake looks amazing! secondly I would love to know where you got the hoop from that goes around the cake? it really sets it off, it looks stunning. you’re very talented.

  10. Your Wedding Cake Jane was absolutely Stunning.Thank-you so much for sharing such a personal thing…Many Congratulations again to you both..Enjoy & be Happy..💕💕💕xxx

  11. Wow, you and your cake too look absolutely stunning! Best wishes to you and your new husband! I’m not a cake baker but enjoyed reading the details.

  12. I’ve never frozen a cake, but always imagine that it won’t be as nice afterwards, but if it’s good enough for your wedding then who am I not to give it a go! I’ve been asked to make my nephews 1st birthday cake but I’m on holiday just before so making them before I go away will be far less stressful! Did you just fill the cakes with buttercream? Do you think freezing would still be okay if I used jam/fruit/something along those lines?

    1. For something such as a madeira especially, I never see a difference as long as you freeze it correctly! If it was just sponges, I would double wrap them in clingfilm and then some foil as well. They were all just buttercream filled and crumb coated, and then ganache, and then frozen. I also find using the sugar syrup on the sponges helps with moisture!

  13. This looks amazing! love the rose gold colours! Was each tier a 2 layer cake? or did you half the layers again once they were out the oven to make 4 layers? 🙂 x

  14. Wow your cake looks amazing!
    So brave freezing the cakes, I’ve never froze a cake but will need to try!
    I have a white chocolate cake to make for a friends birthday.. do you know if the white choc ganache can be made a few days in advance and stored in fridge?
    Thanks x

    1. Yes it can! Do you mean cover and store the cake in the fridge, or just make the ganache? I personally find making the ganache and putting it in the fridge can lead to problems when you have to heat it again to use it – white chocolate ganache is very temperamental so I only use it fresh. Otherwise, you can cover the cake and leave it in the fridge easily!

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