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  1. Hello, I absolutely love your recipes. I am hoping to get back into baking, after having some time away from it. I love the look of your lemon celebration cake. Are the sponges suitable for freezing?

  2. Hi,
    My daughters first birthday is coming up and I want to make some cupcakes for her birthday party. But although i’m not precious about giving her sugar especially as its a treat I know some of the other mums are. Do you have any suggestions on how I can make some delicious cupcakes with icing that arent loaded too much with sugar? I was thinking I could make a carrot cake sponge but its the icing that I’m struggling with. I really wanted to make a pretty pink buttercream with lots of spinkles but I know that will be crazy amounts of sugar!! Help, so you have any suggestions?!
    Emma xx

    1. I would definitely say carrot cake seems healthier and such, but buttercream is buttercream. You can add less sugar than a usual 1:2 ratio of butter:icing sugar, but it would just taste more buttery? So its up to you. Also, to colour buttercream I do think using more sugar is helpful as it will naturally make the starting colour lighter. You could make up for it by reducing the sugar in the sponges slightly, but then you run the risk of making them slightly more rubbery if that makes sense. xx

      1. Hi,
        Thanks this is good advice 🙂 I’ll go for the carrot cake sponge and maybe make them more of a fairy cake size so the portions are smaller. I think I’ll stick to the pink buttercream plan but not be quite so generous with it! Thanks again x

  3. I’ve recently posted a picture of something I made using one of your recipes, to another baking site that I follow on facebook. I’ve now got people asking for the recipe. Are you happy for me to say where I got the recipe from?

  4. Everything you make looks divine! I recently got into baking and I plan on trying several of your recipes. Thank you for sharing. xx

  5. hi, i have been making fudge for christmas gifts and it never turned out as good as i would have liked. Then I came across your recipes, I made the biscotti fudge, omg it is sooooooo easy , and the best thing I have tasted in ages. I took it to work and it vanished, gonna have to make some more, only fault is I find it really hard not to eat hehe. Ill be making the peppermint fudge soon……..

  6. Hi, your baking is amazing. I noticed you went to ashburton college, what course did you do?
    I need to do something like this, I love baking too much to not do anything about it in my life haha

    1. Heyy! And thank you! I did the Professional Culinary Diploma which is a 20 week course and very intensive – but it covers everything! They do shorter courses there that are about a month long for example, and i think theyve started a 20 week Patisserie Diploma now? I would entirely recommend Ashburton because the area is amazing and the tutors are some of the best people ive met, but its not cheap :p
      Have a look and think 🙂
      If you have any questions about it i am here to help!! Xx

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