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  1. Hi Jane
    I absolutely love all of your recipes and recommend your website to absolutely anyone who ever ask me for recipe ideas! I know you have an e-book, but would you ever consider having a paper recipe book published?????? I would absolutely love your recipe book in my collection xxxxxxc

  2. Made the lemon celebration and the biscoff cakes last weekend for a baby shower and they came out perfect and went down a storm. Your recipes are amazing Jane, keep em coming!! Julie xx

  3. Hi Jane, I love that I have found you through Zoe Suggs Instagram! I love every recipe I’ve tried! Thank you! I was just wondering where you purchase (and what they are called/brand) the chocolate buttony chips you use in your fantastic recipes?
    Hope you have a lovely day πŸ™‚

  4. Hey again Jane, hope your well 😁. Can’t get enough of your cakes in this house! Cheesecakes are incredible and for all 3 of my kids bdays we’ve used your recipes! 😍😍😍 Delicious every time! Thanks again for sharing.

    AnyhooπŸ˜‚…onto another cake I am looking to practice for a my sisters birthday!
    Just wondering…I am going to be making the Malteser drip cake but wifh the triple chocolate cakes. Would I still use 100g malt powder in the original triple recipe before splitting it for the 3 flavoured layers or is there anything else I would need to tweak to suit better or best to just leave it out altogether?

    Grateful for your advice.
    Kathryn πŸ™‚

  5. Please can you tell me if adding lime juice and zest to your no bake vanilla cheesecake recipe would be a terrible idea? Have some to use up and wanted a key lime kinda vibe. Would love to see a key lime recipe here one day!

  6. Jane
    I have been extremely busy on the farm this week and so have been eating a curry every night when I got in made for me by one of the Indian Ladies that work for me. It has been delicious. So after eating the last helping on Wednesday night I felt obliged to return the favour and made her your Lemon and Lime Drizzle Cake. When I tipped it out of the baking tin a little was left clung to the side of the tin, I couldn’t resist it, well who could? And then came the dilemma! Was the curry that good? Should I keep the cake for myself? Could I part with it? The decision was not easy. Time stood still whilst my mind and conscience battled with each other weighing up the generosities of both the curry and the cake. Wrapping it in tin foil to give away was hard, my own cake tin was open and on the side. Why not just pop it in there and say nothing to anybody? Who would know? In the end my conscience won. Her face lit up when I gave it to her yesterday. Her smile made the task an absolute pleasure. I sense I might be getting another curry!!! Thank you for the recipe. I’m a complete beginner and am very much at the bottom of the learning curve!!!

  7. Hey Jane! My little fella loves the look of your funfetti cake and has asked for it to be made for his 4th birthday! Which is this Tues (6th Aug) I am wanting to use a 9×12 rectangle cake tin (2inch deep) so I can cut it into no4 (his req) however…I am wondering whether I should use your smaller sized recipe or go ahead with the 3layered one for this size cake tin?

    Be greatful for your advice.
    Kathryn πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Jane,
    Thanks so much for your amazing vegan recipes! I’d be hugely grateful if you ever decided to do a vegan recipe involving Oreos (which are accidentally vegan).
    Best wishes,
    Bee x

  9. Your cheesecake recipes are devine, I make a different one every week to take round to my sisters as we all have dinner together that day. She is a coeliac so some of them I can’t make but for the others I just swap to gluten free digestives and they turn out fantastic. Thank you for sharing with us all. X

  10. Hi,
    I’m an avid follower of your blog and instagram and have always had great success with your recipes. Just wondering if you can give me any help with my latest project – decoration with a gin and tonic theme! I somehow want to include a gin glass and mini bottle but can’t think how to do it.
    Any help much appreciated.

  11. Hi Jane
    Absolutely love your recipes and will be making one for my friend for the first time at the weekend. I know she’ll love the Kinder Bueno Cheesecake and I was wondering if I did this like a tray bake style instead of a circular tin do you think I would need to double up the recipe? (Tin size is 31cmx21cm) Sorry if this is a really cheeky question I’m just really bad at judging these things and need to make one that’s portable and easy to dispose of the empty tray as we are out and about on the day so don’t want to lug around a tin once its all gone (it will go in minutes i’m sure!!)
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. x

  12. Hi Jane, recently discovered and love love love your blog! My colleagues were huge fans of your rolo cookie bars πŸ˜‹ just wondered if you have a ‘favourites’ option that I haven’t seen? Would be great to be able to star/save particular recipes for easy access.

    Layla x

  13. Hi Jane!
    I want to make a tall Victoria sponge, celebration cake. I’m planning to use 6inch tins but want the cake to be quite tall, at least 3 sponge high, would you happen to know the quantity/ proportions of ingredients for this size? I have used your 8inch celebration recipe previously, would you use this and just divide among tins for extra height or would this alter cooking time too much?
    Thanks in advance,
    Sarah! Xx

    1. Typically for a 6″ cake, I would use 2/3 of the recipe – but if your 6″ tins are deep enough, you could just use the 8″ recipe, but bake at 140C Fan (or 160C if you don’t have a fan oven), and bake for quite a bit longer – it does make the bake longer, but it’ll keep the cake more moist for the larger amount!

  14. Hello!
    I’ve just spent a good hour watching your YouTube vlogs and looking at all your wonderful recipes on your blog. You have really inspired me to bake more. My work colleagues and fiance are very grateful for this! So thank you. I was wondering if you would ever do a vlog making your Lemon Drizzle Cupcakes? They look incredible so I would love to see the process on your YouTube channel!
    Thank you for all your brilliant recipes and for always keeping me in the mood to bake!

  15. Hello, I absolutely love your recipes. I am hoping to get back into baking, after having some time away from it. I love the look of your lemon celebration cake. Are the sponges suitable for freezing?

  16. Hi,
    My daughters first birthday is coming up and I want to make some cupcakes for her birthday party. But although i’m not precious about giving her sugar especially as its a treat I know some of the other mums are. Do you have any suggestions on how I can make some delicious cupcakes with icing that arent loaded too much with sugar? I was thinking I could make a carrot cake sponge but its the icing that I’m struggling with. I really wanted to make a pretty pink buttercream with lots of spinkles but I know that will be crazy amounts of sugar!! Help, so you have any suggestions?!
    Emma xx

    1. I would definitely say carrot cake seems healthier and such, but buttercream is buttercream. You can add less sugar than a usual 1:2 ratio of butter:icing sugar, but it would just taste more buttery? So its up to you. Also, to colour buttercream I do think using more sugar is helpful as it will naturally make the starting colour lighter. You could make up for it by reducing the sugar in the sponges slightly, but then you run the risk of making them slightly more rubbery if that makes sense. xx

    2. Hi,
      Thanks this is good advice πŸ™‚ I’ll go for the carrot cake sponge and maybe make them more of a fairy cake size so the portions are smaller. I think I’ll stick to the pink buttercream plan but not be quite so generous with it! Thanks again x

  17. I’ve recently posted a picture of something I made using one of your recipes, to another baking site that I follow on facebook. I’ve now got people asking for the recipe. Are you happy for me to say where I got the recipe from?

  18. Everything you make looks divine! I recently got into baking and I plan on trying several of your recipes. Thank you for sharing. xx

  19. hi, i have been making fudge for christmas gifts and it never turned out as good as i would have liked. Then I came across your recipes, I made the biscotti fudge, omg it is sooooooo easy , and the best thing I have tasted in ages. I took it to work and it vanished, gonna have to make some more, only fault is I find it really hard not to eat hehe. Ill be making the peppermint fudge soon……..

  20. Hi, your baking is amazing. I noticed you went to ashburton college, what course did you do?
    I need to do something like this, I love baking too much to not do anything about it in my life haha

    1. Heyy! And thank you! I did the Professional Culinary Diploma which is a 20 week course and very intensive – but it covers everything! They do shorter courses there that are about a month long for example, and i think theyve started a 20 week Patisserie Diploma now? I would entirely recommend Ashburton because the area is amazing and the tutors are some of the best people ive met, but its not cheap :p
      Have a look and think πŸ™‚
      If you have any questions about it i am here to help!! Xx

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