Raspberry and White Chocolate Mousse!

A Really Easy and Simple 3-Ingredient Individual Raspberry & White Chocolate Mousse. Perfect Dessert for any occasion!

I love White Chocolate, its so sweet and yummy and moreish. However, it can be quite understated sometimes. I love to bake with it, but even myself I don’t have many recipes that use it in comparison to Milk Chocolate. You can easily make this recipe with Milk or Dark chocolate (quantities stated in the Tips and Ideas section below) but I wanted to use White. I wanted something DELICIOUS. However, to take this to another level, I wanted to use Raspberries as well.

I found this delicious recipe from Pretty Simple Sweet and knew it was something I had to try out! I wanted to change it up slightly, and use raspberries in the actual mousse to give it a bit of texture, give it some colour, and a new element of flavour. I changed up the quantities as I wanted to have more Mousse per person, and I wanted to have more servings.

I used some Mixer Glasses for these that I bought from Tesco, as I wanted small drinks glasses in general, but they are perfect for desserts like this. You can realistically make one giant Mousse and serve it out of a pretty dish, but I like individual desserts sometimes. I think that they can look really pretty themselves, but I added some optional Freeze Dried Raspberries to give these a little more show.

If you want something thats really easy to make, some sweet, delicious, and only three ingredients, you will LOVE this recipe. It’s so unbelievably easy to make its ridiculous! I hope you love this as much as I did, ENJOY!


– 225g White Chocolate, chopped
– 450ml Double Cream
– 250g Raspberries
– Freeze Dried Raspberries (optional)


1) Prep your glasses/dishes that you’re going to serve your desserts in. I cleaned my new mixer glasses!

2) In a heatproof bowl, add all of the chopped White Chocolate and 65ml of the double cream and microwave on a medium/low heat till smooth. (You might want to stir half way through as it takes less time than you think!) Stir till smooth.

3) Whilst leaving that to cool, whip the rest of the cream up to soft peaks. Not so solid you can pipe it, but still so it holds itself.

4) Add a dollop of the Whipped Cream to the Chocolate Mix, and just stir it through so its smooth. Add the rest of the Whipped Cream and Fold it through carefully.

5) Reserve some of your raspberries for decoration, I used 3 per Mousse. In a bowl, mash the rest up till its pulpy and runny. Fold this through your White Chocolate mix.

5) Pour/scoop/pipe your mousse into the 4-6 glasses and decorate with the raspberries. Leave to set in the fridge for at least 2 hours! Decorate again if you wish with Freeze Dried Raspberries, and enjoy!

Tips and Ideas

You can use Milk or Dark Chocolate, but for Milk Chocolate I would use 200g, and for Dark Chocolate only 175g. You can also use strawberries if you wish, or any other berry you wish!

I used Mixer Glasses to serve mine in as I like the shape, but you can use anything really! You could even make a bigger mousse to serve from, but it might take a bit longer to set!

You can buy Freeze Dried Raspberries in shops like Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, and Tesco.

These will last for 2 days after making, but are best the fresher they are.


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