Eton Mess with Homemade Meringues!

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A Classic Summer Dessert with homemade Meringues – Utterly Scrumptious!


If you haven’t heard of Eton mess you are 100% missing out on the greatness of such simple yet delicious dessert. Meringue, Cream & Strawberries mashed together make a creamy, sugary and fruity mess that is so addictive you will want to make it again and again! You can of course use shop bought meringues as they’re so cheap these days, but I love making my own as they are so simple!

I add a touch of Raspberry Coulis to my Eton Mess because I like the twist on the two fruity flavours, and it elevates the dessert even more. Seriously though, this dessert is a marriage made in heaven, and I LOVE it.


I love to experiment with Meringues, but todays recipe is just the basic Meringue – many of you have asked for it, and it really is simple, and like the others on the internet – but nevertheless here is my recipe for them, and my Eton mess!


This serves 6-8!


– 5 Egg Whites
– 250g Caster Sugar

Eton Mess
– Meringues, Crushed
– 400ml Double Cream
– 500g Strawberries
– Fruit Coulis



1) To Make the Meringues – Preheat the oven to 100C/90°C Fan and line two Baking Trays with Parchment Paper!

2) Separate the eggs into a spotlessly clean bowl (stand mixer bowl) and discard the yolks – or use them to make something else!! – but be careful not to get anything else in the egg whites such as a spot of yolk as this will ruin the meringue!

3) Whisk the Egg Whites on their own until soft peaks are form – it’ll double/triple in volume and look foamy and white, nothing like the normal egg white! Continue whisking the eggs on a Medium-High Speed and add the Caster Sugar a teaspoon at a time making sure its whisked in before you add the next spoonful. I realise this is time consuming, but adding the sugar any quicker will ruin it!

4) Once the sugar is all in the mixture with Meringue should be ultra white, glossy, and if you hold the bowl upside down nothing will fall out! If you’re brave, hold it above your head when you test it 😉

5) Pipe the Meringues onto the baking sheets – I use a Wilton 1M tip to make my little Meringue shells – aren’t they cute! Bake in the oven for 1 & 1/2 hours and then turn the oven off. Leave the Meringues to cool off completely in the oven till the oven is cold! This is very important that you leave them to cool off completely as if you take them out any sooner they will taste amazing, but they won’t crush down and they’d have the Chewy Meringue feel you can get sometimes!

6) Whip the cream up with a whisk until soft peaks and it holds itself, fold through to Coulis (I used Raspberry Flavour) – wash & chop the strawberries up – and crush the meringues. Fold it all together and either serve in one large dish, or in small Jars for individual portions!


Tips and Ideas

This is best served on the day it is made – if not, store in the fridge until wanted! You can use other fruits or coulis in flavours that you like, but I love the classical Strawberry combination!



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    1. Like fresh cream that you would whip yourself and add to desserts. Just less fat than double/heavy cream I think!

    2. In England we have Single, whipping or Double, and I would consider Double to be ‘regular’ if i’m honest as it whips better than single cream does, but I never use whipping cream in anything. x

  1. I love your presentation re: Eton Mess. I’ve just started making meringue (I know, so easy but I always thought they sounded daunting), and am having friends round for a meal. Your presentation has given me inspiration – so has the rest of your site!
    I’ll search for your salted caramel recipe another day – have clicked ‘follow’ so that I can come back 🙂

    1. Its okay! With this sort of meringue I use just the egg whites & sugar – but if making the meringue for a Lemon Meringue Pie for example i would use a stabiliser of 2tsp of the Corn Flour 🙂 x

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