Harry Potter Wedding Cake!

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So, my lovely friend asked me to make her parents Wedding Cake and I was obviously astounded to have been asked to complete such a task, because in my eyes the cake is VERY important.. and then I found out it, and the wedding itself, was Harry Potter themed. YES! Holy Smokes was I excited!


To anyone that knows me personally, I LOVE Harry Potter with a passion – the books, the films, the whole idea of it all is magic to me – and I can read & watch it countless times and never get bored… so the cake was a big task.


I wanted to do something a little different with the cake – try and keep it wedding cakey, and elegant – but still obviously complete the gorgeous theme of the wedding – I wanted to make sure that it would be something that I had never seen, and therefore hopefully something that none of the guests, or more importantly the Bride & Groom, had never seen – so thats when I came up with this beauty.


The Gryffindor sponge was Red Velvet – with a little edible snitch on top (the bane of my existence because of the weather!).

The Ravenclaw layer was Chocolate – as everyone loves chocolate.

The Hufflepuff layer was Lemon, a personal request from the Bride!

And the Slytherin layer was Pistachio – as they all loved it!



The Wedding Venue itself was this absolutely gorgeous little barn that had been dressed up with the house crests like they did in the films, and all of the table decorations were so inthralled with detail that it was amazing too see everything I love about the film, everywhere!! The colours were bright and vibrant, and everything was stunning!



The Wedding Reception was glorious – with a photo booth with handmade details to pose with, a ‘Honeydukes’ Sweet Shoppe, and the glorious venue lit up with Candles everywhere – it was stunning!



Of course – the cake cutting was what I was most excited for – making sure that all of the layers had survived the decorating, and seeing the utterly gorgeous Bride & Groom cutting the cake as amazing – CONGRATULATIONS to the Newlyweds!! xx

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