No-Bake Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cheesecake!

Deliciously creamy No-Bake Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cheesecake perfect for Dessert and an Afternoon Treat!


If you hadn’t already noticed from following my blog, or especially my Instagram, I ADORE Chocolate, but especially Terry’s Chocolate Orange chocolate. I literally have no idea why so much, other than it being utterly amazing and one of the best things ever. After the success of my Chocolate Orange Cookies, and Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cupcakes I decided to continue my cheesecake obsession with a suitably amazing Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cheesecake!

I have made a bunch of Cheesecakes now, and this is by far my favourite. Some of you may disagree, but I adore this one. I have made it countless times now that I can’t actually count. My mum, who shockingly isn’t actually a massive fan of Chocolate Orange as a flavour combination (this is news to me…) is actually a really big fan of this. Something about the creaminess and moussey texture of the Cheesecake filling is what makes it delicious to her. I agree, I am shocked about how delicious it is.


This recipe is super easy to make, its a no-bake recipe and you will want to make it over and over and over! The good thing about this sort of thing is that if you don’t have Terry’s chocolate where you are, you can easily substitute it for normal plain or milk chocolate and add orange zest or flavouring too it to make it equally as delicious! I also adore a thick and buttery biscuit base on my cheesecakes which you might have noticed, but the amount of filling makes it a perfect match!


I have done a little experimenting as I had a few comments that the mixture ‘seizes’ slightly when making it. It still sets perfectly fine, and still tastes delicious, but the chocolate orange itself with seize. This means that the chocolate will go hard pretty much as soon as you start mixing it, so instead of having a smooth delicious mixture, you basically have a chocolate orange chip cheesecake. I wanted to stop this from happening if I could so I did a few experiments!

I found that if you mix the Cream Cheese with the Icing sugar, then add the Melted Chocolate and whisk till smooth, and then add in the Cream and whisk until think, the mixture will turn out super smooth, and will set perfectly. It may not look as thick as it did before, mine didn’t for a while but whisking it for a little longer worked, but it sets like a dream. I have written the original method below, and the new one so you can choose which you prefer!


This recipe makes an 8″/20cm cheesecake – Serves 12!


Biscuit Base
– 150g butter
– 300g digestives/hobnobs

Cheesecake Filling
– 2x 280g Philadelphia Full-Fat Cream Cheese
– 300ml double cream
– 75g icing sugar
– 300g Terry’s Chocolate Orange

Optional Decoration
– Whipped Cream
– Spare Chocolate orange segments
– Grated Chocolate
– Melted Chocolate Orange



1) To make the cheesecake base – melt the butter in the microwave on short bursts on in a small pan over a medium heat until fully melted.

2) Blitz the biscuits in a food processor to a small crumb or in a bag with the end of a rolling pin, add the butter, and mix until it is combined well. Tip into a 8″/20cm Deep Springform Tin and press down firmly – chill in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

3) To make the cheesecake filling – Melt the 300g of Chocolate orange in a bowl over a pan of gently simmering water, stirring gently or microwave in short bursts until fully melted – leave to cool slightly whilst doing the rest.

4) Mix together the cream cheese and Icing sugar until thick and whip up the double cream in a separate bowl – fold the mixtures together, and then fold through the melted & cooled chocolate. If you find its quite sloppy, whisk till thick!


With a stand mixer, whip the Cream Cheese and Icing Sugar until smooth. Add in the slightly cooled Melted chocolate, and whip again till smooth. Pour in the Double Cream and continue to whip until thick. Check it occasionally and scrape down the sides until its all combined and really thick.

5) Pour the mix on to the biscuit base, smooth over, cover, and chill in the fridge for 5-6 hours, or preferably overnight.

6) To decorate the cheesecake – Using the spare chocolate orange, melt a few segments and drizzle over the cheesecake, and add some grated chocolate or some segments to finish — or use some whipped cream!


If it looks like your cheesecake isn’t setting, or its a but sloppy, or you’re even not sure.. try it anyway. Try to set the mix anyway! If it still doesn’t set, freeze it and have an Ice Cream Cheesecake!


Tips and Ideas

I recommend using a 8″/20cm Deep Springform Tin in this recipe!

You could easily half the recipe used to make a smaller cheesecake, I prefer to make this size because it is always eaten so quickly and is so delicious! You can serve this with a splash of cream or just on its own – its utterly delicious and so easy to make!

This recipe will last covered in the fridge for 3-4 days! 🙂



P.s. Its utterly delicious, so don’t be surprised if you eat the whole thing yourself.

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  1. Hello!
    I had a little laugh when I read your recipe. You have listed “Spare chocolate orange slices”. There’s no such thing as spare slices, those are the chefs benefit while the cheesecake sets 😂
    Fab recipe, so yummy!

  2. Hi I dont have an electric beater, will a manual whisk do the trick? I’m useless with cakes but desperate to try this recipe!

  3. Sorry I’m a bit confused? How much of the 2 chocolate oranges do you have to keep fro decoration because 1 is 175g so 2 is 350g so do you save 100g for decoration as you use 250 in the recipe?

    1. You can just use two entire chocolate oranges in the mix if you want – it’s not an exact science – but yes I used that originally. However, as chocolate oranges are now 157g, it might be easier to buy a third so you have enough to decorate with.

  4. This cake is awesome and way too addictive. I’m supposed to be cutting down on sugar but there’s no chance of that while this is sat in the fridge, but it’s so worth it.
    Everyone is now wanting to come round to our flat more often than usual, however I don’t think that’s to see us!

          1. Yeah it is and is now chilling in the fridge. Seemed to be ok. (From what I tasted on the beaters it’s good too 😉 )

  5. When you say 2 terry chocolate orange in the recipe do you mean 2 segments from a whole orange, 2 whole oranges! Or 2 of the bars?

  6. Good morning, I would like to say thank you for excellent recipes i love naking these cakes during spare time for the family, During the summer 2016 issue of Baking heaven It had your recipe for chocolate orange cheesecake, it was running smoothly until it came to decorating the cake it did not explain that the orange zest sugar and the chocolate drizzle are two separate types of decoration.

    1. Hi – Thank you so much! Unfortunately I can’t help what the magazine has printed and if they had to delete some words to make it fit to the magazine. As you can see on my post on here it says “Sprinkle on some orange zest sugar (Mix together the Orange zest and caster sugar until the sugar turns orange and its combined!), and then using the second chocolate orange, melt a few segments and drizzle over the cheesecake,” which is explaining to sprinkle over the orange zest sugar, and then drizzle.

      1. Thank you for the reply, yes after my first attempt doing it from the magazine realised a problem so came on to your website to double check the recipe and what it says, I totally agree with what you said of course, just the magazine was slightly confusing and made it sound like you added both together.

  7. Can you clarify how much Terry’s Chocolate Orange you use in the cheesecake mix please? The recipe originally said you used 2 Terry’s Chocolate Oranges but you only put one in the mix and save one for decoration but now it says you put in 250g. Thanks.

  8. Stupid question – but do you just melt down one chocolate orange to go in the cheesecake mix? Then use the other for decoration? Thanks!

  9. Hi, I’d love to try one of these lovely looking cheesecakes but can not get double/heavy cream where I am and was wondering if I could use whipping cream in its place?
    Thanks Deb

    1. It depends on the fat content of your whipping cream – our double cream is 48%, and heavy cream in America is 35% so anything about that should be fine – if not then you can use it anyway but serve it in a dish with sides as it may not hold so well 🙂 x

  10. Just have to say your photography is Ahh-mazing here!!!! Plus, of course, the cheesecake itself!!!! NOM NOM!!! I may just be trying this out this festive season!! Thanks very much for posting and I’m so glad I found your blog on twitter! xoxo

  11. I’ve just made this!! From what I licked off the spatula, it’s going to be soooo good 🙂
    But am I right in saying that only one choc Orange goes into the mixture, and the second is for decoration?

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