Lemon & Lime Drizzle Cake!

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A Classic Bake that everyone at home will love – A Citrus Drizzle Cake.


I decided today, that we would go back to basics. I LOVE Classic Cakes, something about their simplicity yet how amazing they taste really gets me hyped up to eat the whole cake myself. You can play around with the flavours you use, but Lemon & Lime is my favourite combination!

Nearly two months ago I posted my recipe for my Lemon Celebration Cake which is basically a Lemon Drizzle Cake/Victoria Sponge Hybrid and it went down an absolute storm with people now baking it regularly for their families and friends – YAY! However, I wanted to put my original Citrus Drizzle Cake up so that if thats all you guys want, you don’t have to work out from my other recipe what to do!


I have always loved cakes like these, they make the perfect Sunday Afternoon Tea accompaniment to a Cuppa, or as a quick treat for your family if you’re craving something delicious. I also realise that Lemon Drizzle Cake is a staple in many families cake baking range but this recipe has honestly never failed me.

Let me know how you get on if you try!


This cake Serves 8-10!


– 175g Unsalted Butter, Softened
– 175g Caster Sugar
– 175g Self-Raising Flour
– 3 Large Eggs
– Zest of 2 Lemons
– Zest of 2 Limes

– Juice of 1-2 Lemon
– Juice of 2 Limes
– 100g Caster Sugar



1) Grease and flour/Line a 2lb Loaf Tin** and preheat your oven to 180C/160CFan

2) Cream together your butter and sugar until soft and smooth, add in the Flour, Eggs, and Fruit Zests and beat again as briefly as possible until smooth!

3) Pour your ingredients into your cake tin and bake in the oven for 35-40 minutes or until a skewer poked into the middle comes out clean – If you think its browning quickly, check it at 30 minutes as some ovens bake cakes quicker then others!

4) Remove the cake from the oven, but leave it in the tin. Poke the top if the cake with the cake skewer carefully so that you don’t create a gaping hole, but so that the drizzle has somewhere to go – Mix together the Fruit Juices with the Caster Sugar and pour over the top of the cake. Leave the cake to cool completely in the tin!

5) Remove from the tin and ENJOY!!


Tips and Ideas

** 2lb loaf tins typically measure to hold about 900ml water so you know which one I mean – mine measure 11cmx21.5cm at the top of the tin! They all vary widely!

As I said at the beginning, I typically prefer the Lemon & Lime combination as its my favourite – but you can use Orange, Blood Orange, Just Lemon etc!

As this cake is so moist it will never really go dry, but this will last up to 3 days in an airtight container!



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  1. Hi, I made the lemon and lime drizzle cake today and put a layer of lemon icing on top. It was delicious, light and moist. I will deffinetly be making it again. Thank you.

  2. Made this cake today using lemons and limes from the garden! Not done any baking for years – but this was so easy and light and tasty and it went down a treat with friends!! Might have got me back to the kitchen – thank you!!!

  3. Hi Jane, love all your recipes and literally only make from your website, I tell everyone about your page, so thank you for all you share. I’m making this for a friends tea party along with your millionaire shortbread and viccy sponge! However, they’d like just lemon (I’ve noted the previous comments) but they’d also like a lemon water icing on top if possible. I’d be interested if you think this would change the cake too much and any suggestions you have as I don’t want to ruin your perfect recipe. Thanks

  4. Hey Jayne
    I am working my way threw your recipes and they have all turned out amazing ☺ I wanted to make this as just a lemon drizzle cake….would I need to just remove the lime or would I need to adjust anything else? Thank you xx

  5. Hi Jane, This looks great! I am going to bake it this weekend but only lemon not lime. Would I need to add more lemon juice to the drizzle or just do two lemons? I don’t want it to be too wet! Thank you!

  6. Yum sounds amazing! I love using citrus fruits on baking and after reading your post, my mouth is watering! I can’t wait to give this a try, and I’d appreciate it if you could check out my blog 🙂

  7. Oh this looks gorgeous! I had it for the first time this year (never been a huge lemon fan previously) when one was left as a gift in our Cyprus apartment. Definitely have to give this a go 🙂

  8. Hi there, hoping you might be able to help me. I make a lemon drizzle and everytime I make it, it sinks ever so slightly. I don’t open the oven, it’s fully preheated but everytime it happens and I can’t figure it out. Any advise is welcome and I’m so making this cake this week!!!

    1. It might be because its over mixed? Sometimes its purely because of the moisture and it can happen after you add the drizzle to it, because of the weight of the liquid – but I find cakes can sink in the oven if its been over mixed, or the mixture might have split slightly before baked? 🙂 and thank you!

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