Caramac Fudge!

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Based on the idea of a Classic, This Caramac Fudge is Much Easier to Make Than you Think – So Fudgey, Delicious, and Caramac-y!


I have been wanting to post a recipe for Caramac Fudge since I started posting my Caramac recipes, such as my No-Bake Caramac Cheesecake. I have tried and tried to make this into a ‘cheats’ fudge recipe, like my Honeycomb Crunchie Fudge recipe, but it just didn’t set well enough in my opinion. I don’t know what I was doing wrong, but following the same idea as my other easy fudge recipes, and it juts wouldn’t set well enough for me to be comfortable. I therefore decided that a traditional take on the fudge might work, and it definitely did.

I used a similar idea to my Oreo Cookies & Cream Fudge, and used a cream base with sugar and syrup to boil it to the ‘soft boil stage’ and create a more traditional fudge and it worked so well I was slighly astounded. It might sound slightly terrifying when you read the method, but its so much easier than you think. You can easily buy a Sugar Thermometer for a cheap price, and it will make it SO easy you wouldn’t believe. I use mine to make my Jam’s and my fudges, and it can be used for so much more.


Combining the Cream, Sugar and Syrup into the pan and heating it slowly, dissolving the sugar is easy. Mix it so it all incorporates together. Bring the mixture to a rolling boil, and cover with the lid and boil for three minutes. This will bring the temperature right up and start the fudgey creation from creating itself. I uncover the fudge, give it a quick stir, then add in the Sugar Thermometer and keep an eye on it, till it reaches the soft ball stage. Once its reached the temperature, turn off the heat and stir/beat it till its starting to thicken and it has cooled down. Add in the chopped caramac and melt it so its smooth.

The lucky thing about this recipe being more traditional then most fudge recipes (like my cheats one) is that its meant to set at room temperature, and it can be stored at room temperature. If you store it in the fridge, it might go a little hard, as the sugar has made its own structure that will sustain itself. The Caramac gives the fudge a more caramelly flavour, and the Caramac pieces on top give it decoration, and the extra Caramac hit. Seriously, it is a lot easier to make than you think, and I know you will love it. Enjoy!


This fudge can easily make 25-36 pieces!


– 300ml Double Cream
– 350g Caster Sugar
– 130g Golden Syrup
– 1tsp Vanilla Bean Extract
– 200g Caramac, Chopped
– Extra Caramac to put on top – 4 bars!



1) Line a 20x20cm tin – Place the Double Cream, Caster Sugar, Golden Syrup, and vanilla in a large saucepan and heat gently, stirring until sugar dissolves.

2) Turn the heat up and bring to a rolling boil, cover and continue boil for 3 minutes! Uncover and continue to boil until the temperature reaches 116 °C (Soft Ball Stage) test using a sugar thermometer. It shouldn’t take too long to reach the temperature! (A rolling boil is when its constantly boiling but not rising up the pan to overflow – if it starts to overflow the temperature is far too high!)

3) When the mixture is hot enough, remove from the heat and beat the mixture carefully so that it doesn’t splash for a few minutes till it cools slightly, then add in the 200g chopped Caramac. Beat this in till smooth! It won’t take long as the heat of the fudge will melt the Caramac almost immediately.

4) Once beaten, pour into the tin – Sprinkle or place on top the extra pieces of Caramac for decoration and leave to set at Room Temperature for a few hours – sometimes it can take overnight!

5) Chop up into small pieces and eat!


Tips and Ideas

If you don’t have a sugar thermometer, you can see if the fudge is ready by dropping a little into a cup of cold water. If a soft, squeezable piece of fudge is formed, it is ready. But BE CAREFUL – it is EXTREMELY hot! It usually takes between 7-8 minutes of a rolling boil to reach the temperature.

If you do want to buy a Sugar Thermometer however, I really do recommend THIS ONE!

I found my Caramac in Tesco, but its on sale in Asda, and other supermarkets too!



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  1. Hi Jane! These look really great & I’m excited to try them, but wanted to ask what type of fudge does it create? Is it the smooth/chewy/creamy kind that you get in pic’n’ mix selections, or is it more like crumbly fudge (the types I seem to find in places like Cornwall)? Thanks!

    1. You might find it in a Brit shop. I now live in Canada but am able to get certain chocolates from most British shops.

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