My 27th Birthday Cake!

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My 27th Birthday Cake… a Terry’s Chocolate Orange Extravaganza! 

So, today is my 27th birthday! This blog post is scheduled, and was a bit of a last minute addition to my schedule, so don’t worry… I’m not working on my birthday! I made this cake a couple days ago and edited the photos and post quickly! 

I decided this year to go for a Terry’s Chocolate Orange themed cake, as why would I not! I was going to go for a birthday of a blowout chocolate cake again like my 25th Birthday Cake, but I changed my mind halfway through! 

The cake itself is basically the same as my Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cake! The only difference is that I made the cake to be four sponges rather than three (500g mix, with 10 medium eggs), and I used a ganache for the outside! 

For the Ganache, I did a Milk Terry’s Chocolate Orange Ganache, which is a ratio of 2:1 chocolate:cream. The instructions and ideas are the same as my Biscoff Drip Cake, so follow that for a method!

The Terry’s Ganache is the same as a regular milk chocolate ganache, but I find it can melt and be reasonably thin, so you have to wait a bit longer! Alternatively, if you want to speed up the process slightly, you can whip the ganache up after chilling it for a while, and it makes it a lovely mousse texture to work with, but still sets just as hard! As this was such a lovely texture, I also used it to pipe the swirls on top! 

For the decoration, I used some gorgeous sprinkles from Iced Jems, as you all know I adore them. The smaller bronze, ruby and gold sprinkles are cute and easier to use more of them, and then I added on a few of the larger bronze, ruby and gold sprinkles to give more of a dimension! 

I also used my favourite bronze crunch sprinkles from Waitrose that I have used on probably half the bakes on this blog… my bad… and then also some Terry’s segments! It probably is a bit of an understated birthday cake in comparison to other cakes I’ve had… but I love it!

The Happy Birthday cake topper definitely does finish the cake off, and I just love it. The rose gold cake board was also a must, as I just love rose gold. I realise I have said that a few times now, but I love this cake! Make sure to check out my Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cake for the cake recipe, the Biscoff Drip Cake for tips on the ganache, and if you have a go, enjoy! 


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  1. Hello could you tell me the ingrediants for this cake please? Like on your other recipes…theres no ingrediants on this one? Thank you

  2. I have been asked for this cake but it needs to be gluten free, other than using alternative flour, would I need to adjust the recipe in any other way?
    Thank you. Xx

  3. Hope you had a fabulous birthday ! Could I just ask if you increase everything else to 500g, how much four and cocoa do you use? I’m going to make it for my partner’s 30th birthday this weekend!

  4. Happy Birthday Jane.hope you have an amazing day.I love your website. you have inspired me so much with your your helpful tips and easy to read recipes.thanks so much.always look forward to your next fabulous recipe.xx

  5. Happy birthday! That looks amazing. I made your chocolate orange drip cake from your ebook for my birthday this year. It was deeeelish. Definitely give this a go for next year. X

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