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A delicious and fun way to celebrate Easter; with a box of all your favourite goodies, for an Easter treat box!


I really have to start this blog post off by saying I am not selling these boxes… when I published my blog post for my valentine’s treat box SO many of you thought I was selling them!! I am flattered, but no… I don’t sell any cakes! These treat boxes are just an example of something fun and delicious you can do. 

I have seen treat boxes over and over online, by cake sellers, and so on – and they are so fun! They are basically a combination of baked goods that fit the theme… whether it’s mothers day, valentine’s, christmas, or in this case; easter! 

For my post I have used a wooden box – this is basically just for the photos and the video. You do not need to use a wooden box like I have (it’s designed for a display box for a shop so no I can’t give you the link) so I would recommend using a 12 hole cupcake box if you wanted a large treat box or a 6 hole cupcake box for a smaller one (without the inserts). 

You can of course use something else if you wish – but this is mainly what you see people sell the treat boxes in, and it also makes it easier to give one to your friends or family! You can of course use a lovely dish and set one up for your own family though for Easter weekend. 

When I was thinking about this delicious easter treat box I wanted to include all of my favourites but my main issue is that I have SO many easter bakes that I love – so I thought I’d use a variety, and quite a few of my newer recipes to jazz it up a little. Of course, a certain classic got in there though. 

Mini Egg NYC Cookies

So you know I mentioned using one of my classics?! OF COURSE my Mini Egg NYC cookies had to be included in the Easter Treat Box… I don’t know what I would have done with my life if I had never published this recipe as it really is one of the biggest recipes I have ever done! 

These are the classic full-size NYC cookies because I don’t consider an NYC cookie still an NYC cookie if you make them smaller (literally part of the bake is that they are huge!) but you can make them smaller to be regular mini egg cookies if you need. The full-size cookies bake for 11-12 minutes, but you can make the cookies 60g and bake for 8-9 minutes instead so you can fit them in your easter treat box better. 

These are such an iconic bake and I dread to think how many times I have made them – I will make a stash and keep them in my freezer ready to bake whenever – and cookies will always be a great thing to bake for your family and friends. You can of course use other easter chocolates in these as well if you fancy!

Easter Macarons

A newbie recipe this year… my easter macarons! Macarons are delicious and delightful little treats in every bite, and I think they suit the easter treat box so well. Yes, people can be scared of making them, but I really don’t think you need to be! Look at how cute they are! 

My easter macarons are a selection of colours, with a chocolate splatter to make a speckled look – and I am obsessed. Imagine adding some of these to your treat box with whatever colour you fancy – whether it’s a teal or purple like me, or a pale yellow, pink, white and so on! 

Macarons take time to make, but I think they are 100% worth it! The brightness of the colours, the delicious chocolate ganache centre; they are SO GOOD! I can’t resist eating so many of them when they are made, so please add them to your easter treat boxes! 

Easter Fudge

My easter fudge has been on my blog for years and years, and whilst it’s had a more recent update – I am still so in love with it! It’s a classic fudge base with white chocolate added in, and then all of the Easter chocolates I could possibly fit into it put in as well! So easy to portion and serve in a treat box. 

When I say classic fudge, I mean the type that doesn’t use condensed milk, you ideally need a sugar thermometer for and is worth the scary boiling of sugary liquid. ‘Cheats’ fudge as I like to call it does also work, but sometimes it’s best to keep that in the fridge – whereas this easter fudge is ideally stored at room temp. 

The fudge creates a nice balance amongst the other goodies in my easter treat box and I am obsessed – so so good! 

Carrot Cake Truffles

My carrot cake truffles are another new recipe this year, and potentially one of my personal favourites. If you have followed me for a while you will know that carrot cake is my favourite type of cake as it is so hard to get it wrong… and in truffle form?! It’s just so much better! 

You can either use a ready-made carrot cake to make this or follow the recipe completely and make the cake from scratch as well, using my carrot cake recipe. The truffles make a delicious addition to the easter treat box as there is always something so fun and moreish about a truffle. They’re seen as a delectable treat. 

The carrot cake nature of the truffles though brings such a delicious easter like element to the treat box compared to a regular chocolate truffle. I coated mine in white chocolate with a sprinkling of chopped walnuts, but say you wanted to swap up the colours or chocolate flavours, you should absolutely go for it! 

Chick Cupcakes

I have loved making themed cupcakes over the recent months, and my Chick Cupcakes have 100% got to be one of my favourites (along with my carrot patch cupcakes of course). They are so cute, they are so fun, and they are just perfect for my box of absolutely delicious Easter Treats!

I love a good lemon flavoured bake all year round, but it’s such a nice balance of a flavour amongst all of the chocolate-themed bakes that you get during easter time. A lemon sponge, lemon decoration… and the cutest little edible chicks ever.

Cupcakes can sometimes be a bit bulky in a treat box, but if you use the 12 hole cupcake box as I mentioned earlier, they would fit and work so well! The treat boxes are designed to have a variety of bakes in there, so these cupcakes make a great addition. 

Chocolate Strawberry Carrots

These ‘carrots’ are probably one of my favourite things I have ever made – they are so so simple to make, and really are just a chocolate-coated strawberry, but I am totally okay with that. As I used the chick cupcakes, I thought I would use the top part of my carrot patch cupcakes for my easter treat box. 

It really is as simple as prepping your strawberries, melting some white chocolate and colouring it orange, and then dunking and drizzling to your heart’s desire. They always look so creative and fun, and yes whilst they are a bit basic – there is nothing wrong with that! 

Easter Chocolates

Whilst there are only 6 compartments or sections to my treat box, I couldn’t resist randomly adding in some easter chocolates just for a bit of extra fun. As I lined my treat box with regular brown parchment paper I wanted to add a bit of extra colour by using the pops of colour from the easter chocolates. 

You can use easter chocolates to replace something else, or you can add them in as I have – there are so many delicious brands of easter chocolates available that you are utterly spoilt for choice! 

SO yeah… that was my easter treat box! You can of course do whatever you want with it, but this is just how I decided to do mine!! There are so many delicious treats that you can use for it on my blog already – and you can check out all my easter bakes out here!! 


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  1. Joanne Mullett on November 17, 2022 at 12:43 pm

    Hi Jane, I’ve searched the Web for a box simular to this, would you be willing to share the size of your box or where you sourced it from if possible?

    Thanks Jo x

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