Triple Chocolate Cookie Fudge!



I am officially declaring it – I am obsessed. I am constantly trying to find a new recipe for fudge to try with weird and wonderful flavours that taste AMAZING and this is definitely one of them.

Different to my other fudge recipes I have put up so far – White Chocolate Clotted Cream Fudge, and Oreo Cookie Fudge – as they both use clotted cream, and you have to boil the liquid to 116C, but luckily with this recipe – none of that is involved!! It is so easy, and so delicious! Don’t get me wrong, the other fudge is truly delicious, but I consider this new recipe to me cheats fudge in a sense, as all you have to do is melt the ingredients and combine it all!

I found the Carnation recipe for their easy chocolate fudge but I wanted to elevate it to a new level and involve something that will catch the eyes of people, and excite the tastebuds… the answer? Cookies. Triple Chocolate Cookies. I used some cookies I had leftover from baking, but you could easily use cookies from the shop or a bakery, or whatever you liked! The best part about the cookies I used was that they had 3 types of chocolate chips in, and were of a shortbread like texture so it suited the texture of the fudge PERFECTLY!


This recipe makes 30 squares of fudge 


– 400g milk chocolate, chopped/chips
– 1x 397g can condensed milk
– 25g butter (can be salted)
– 100g icing sugar, sifted
– 4 large cookies, chopped up



1) Line a tin with parchment paper – I use a 7″ square tray as it makes a nice depth of fudge

2) Put the chopped chocolate into a heavy based pan, along with all of the condensed milk and butter – melt on a low heat, stiring often so that the chocolate doesn’t just get stuck on the bottom and burn

3) Once melted, tip in the icing sugar and combine well – it make take a bit of beating

4) Once combined, mix in the chopped up cookies and pour into the tin – smooth over the mixture and store in the fridge for an hour to set

5) After about an hour or so, remove from the tin and cut into the squares, return to the fridge for another couple of hours to finish setting – ENJOY!


Tips and Ideas

According to my adoring taste testers (family members & boyfriend) this recipe is DELICIOUS but hasn’t quiiiite got the texture of normal fudge! Its no bad thing at all, its just expected because of it not involving cream & sugar or boiling to a certain temperature etc!

This recipe will last in the fridge for up to two weeks – if it lasts that long!



P.s. You will be lucky to EVER have leftover cookies!

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  1. Aww goodness. I love your blog Ms. Jane. Definitely trying your recipes.
    I just started baking a few weeks ago and your blog will definitely be of great help. ? Thanks for sharing these!

  2. You had LEFTOVER chocolate chip cookies?! I don’t think I can imagine that, haha. Great post, it looks delicious. 🙂

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