Chocolate Bark!

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Really easy yet delicious Chocolate Bark – Perfect Idea for Home-Made Gifts, or a little treat for yourself!


Chocolate Bark is one of those treats that is super fun to make with your family & kids, make with friends, or make for little Home-Made Gifts for friends & family! I love making these as gifts as Chocolate is usually a winner in most households, especially mine, and even though its simple – its a nice little touch to show effort and fun!

I package mine into little decorated bags for my gifts, or chocolate boxes that you can buy online – I try to make it as personal as possible for each person who would want some – such as using their favourite sweet treats in the Chocolate Bark, and even using Dark/Milk/White Chocolate as the base depending on what they prefer also!


Chocolate is my downfall when trying to be healthy – as you might have noticed from all of the Chocolate recipes on my blog! It is a tad ridiculous, and I apologise if you’re not a fan of Chocolate in particular, but this will still be good to make for others who do!

I also prefer to use as high a quality Chocolate or ingredients as I can as a rule, but when making something that is so simple, I think the best ingredients is important to make it taste suuuper yummy!


This makes a 9x13Inch Tray – 20 shards approx. 


– 475g Milk Chocolate
– 200g White Chocolate
– 100g Maltesers
– 50g Mini Marshmallows
– Smarties
– Freeze Dried Raspberries



1) Line a Tray with parchment paper – leave to the side.

2) Prep what sweets/Chocolate’s are going on your Bark – I crushed my Smarties & Malteser’s – be careful if using a knife to crush them though, don’t cut yourself!

3) Melt both types of chocolate – I melted my Milk Chocolate in a Glass Bowl over a pan of Boiling Water as there was more of it, and my White Chocolate in the Microwave on short bursts!

4) Pour the Milk Chocolate into the tray and spread so its even and about 1cm thick – drizzle the White Chocolate over the top and using the end of a Cake Tester (or whatever you want) swirl the two types of chocolate together to make a Marble Pattern!

5) Sprinkle over your decorations and leave to set – if its hot it might be best to do this in the fridge so it’ll actually become hard!

6) Cut/Break into shards and enjoy!


Tips and Ideas

This lovely little treat will last for weeks if kept in the right conditions – Mine never lasts this long but I give it a 1 month date from making depending on what you use as Chocolate Use-by-dates are so long!

You can obviously use whatever sweets & chocolates that you fancy, but these are my personal favourites!



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  1. Woah! Looking at this makes me feel like a kid in ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’! It’s gorgeous, Jane!!! <3

  2. Can’t go wrong guy with chocolate bark! I made a cranberry and pistachio one when I want to appear slightly healthy otherwise it’s marshmallow, fudge and honeycomb. I’m definitely going to try this one ?

  3. I normally give some kind of homemade treat as a gift to family at Christmas.Usually cookies. But I think this might be what I do this year. It looks amazing!

  4. I’m still experimenting with truffles and thinking of new flavour combinations, but this has opened new doors! Looks like a good way of using up random left-over snacks and treats…

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